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The Right to Bear Arms?
April 19, 2007, 3:31 pm
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Candle Ligh Vigil For Victims of Virginia Tech MassacreI know that everyone has heard about the tragic event that occurred at Virginia Tech on April 16. It’s amazing to me how one person, who is having some serious trouble in their life, can decide to take 32 innocent lives for no reason at all and be coward enough to shoot them self in the the face. A face and name has been placed on the perpetrator and now I am praying for blessings for the families of the victims and the students affected by this atrocity.Cho the Virginia tech perpetrator

In America, we live in a society that believes for the most part that we are safe to go to a shopping mall, attend class, or see a concert or sporting event in safety and security. The shooting of at Virginia tech reminded me of how dangerous the world really is. Violent crimes happen every single day in the US. Compared to Europe, We’ve got an unbelievably high crime rate and I think its all ties into the right the bear arms.

I mean really, who needs a gun? Hunters? People who are constantly attacked by burglar’s? When is the the last time you’ve heard a news report about anyone saved from an attack by an intruder because they were armed with a gun? Who needs a semiautomatic 9 millimeter glock for protection? Far more people are killed by guns by accidents or criminal activity then by people protecting themselves from anything each year.
It is my personal belief that there is no real reason for anyone to own a gun unless they’re law enforcement officers. I am against hunting and I’ve witnessed far too much violence on the television alone. Something must be done about the Guns in this Country. If the right to bear arms will not be written out of the constitution, a least laws on gun ownership should be much more stringent. The state of Virginia has some of the most relaxed firearm laws a long with many other states. I don’t know how many more murders, accidental gunfires, and school shootings its going to take before people really start to think about the real issue at hand… who needs the right to bear arms?


Living Abroad (life in Napoli)
April 17, 2007, 11:52 pm
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It’s Kori over here! I’m a U.S. citizen currently living abroad in Italy. My father is in the army so since he’s stationed here in Naples, I have decided to stay with him for a while. I got here in November of last year from Wisconsin where I was living with mother (my parents are divorced) and sometimes I really wish I could just leave here and go home! It is nice here for the most part though. My High School is on a Naval Base here in Italy, but we live 5 minutes off base in a suburb called Gricignano de Aversa. Downtown Naples is just a 20 minute train ride away so we manage to get around. City of Naples

Naples is a beautiful city! The architecture is lovely, the people are friendly, the pizza the best in the world, and there are major archaeological and geographical sites to behold. This city is the home to Mount Vesuvius and the Ruins of Pompeii. Art museums and cultural sites really enrich any visitor with the true taste of Italy.

Speaking of taste, the gastronomical aspect of Naples is utterly… DELICIOUS! Pasta, Pasta, Pasta! Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! Even the Chinese food is superb. Naples is believed to be the home of Pizza, so naturally it is a common, yet delicious meal to enjoy. When served, each person receives a medium sized pizza all for themselves, and it is usually eaten with a fork and knife (at more formal restaurants at least). You can buy larger pizzas, but a personal pizza cost around 3 to 8 Euro depending on where you go and whatPizza topping you put on. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had the pleasure of tasting pizza topped with French fries and I’m telling you that it is something you all should try!

There is no drinking age here, few drunk driving incidents, and alcohol abuse. I wonder if there is a direct correlation between alcohol abuse and the drinking age, or maybe its just cultural differences. I know in America alcoholism is a huge issue. There is great night life here. A lot to do when you’re out on the town like clubs, concerts, bars, and all that jazz. There is no age restriction on the clubs either, but you don’t see little kids running around in the clubs of course.

Although the city is beautiful, I wonder why Naples is nicknamed “The Armpit of Europe”. Hmmm…. Oh yeah because of all the trash and garbage laying around, and air pollution clouding the atmosphere. I have yet to see a star in the sky at night time. Prostitutes roam the streets night and day looking for costumer, a lot of them are African women too. People drive like mad men here. on the freeway, people are either moving way too slow or way too fast. I don’t know if they believe in turning signals at all, they just jump right out at a busy intersection. No one pays attention to the speed limit and honking is the main means of communication while driving. It gets pretty scary and annoying, but to survive on the road you gotta drive like the Italians do!

Fashion as a lot more formal and high fashioned than back in the states for the most part. All the guys look pretty much metro-sexual to me. They all were embellished jeans, Dolce & Gabbana Hoodies, Sunglasses, and gelled or spiked hair. The girls dress pretty similar only high healed boots are more popular. The Shopping malls in Naples that I’ve been to so far are pretty nice, but all my friends on the naval base agree that the malls in the U.S. are bigger and better. Rome has very nice shopping, and so does Milan and other places in Italy. I like shopping at the Auchan Mall. The markets and shops along the streets are always fun of course and the prices are a lot lower than the malls naturally. I’m something like a shopaholic so I’m having a good time here.

Housing in Naples is very nice. I miss my garbage disposal and dishwasher, but other than that the house is gorgeous. Marble is very here abundant so every house practically has nice marble floors. Most houses have balconies out from every room and the house itself is very spacious. The front of most houses are surrounded by a huge gate, because of the high number of break-ins that occur. We have a security system too but I don’t think we use it at all… oh well i doubt anyone could get over the gate with out piercing themselves in the gut.

Winter was very mild, and I know it gets pretty darn hot here. Its starting to really warm up and I’m not all that excited about it. It will be fun to go to the beach during the summer plus a cruise to a beautiful island somewhere south of Italy. The weather is idea if you like mister sun.

So far Italy is cool. Sometimes frustrating, smelly, and foreign, but cool. I’ve got a lot of traveling to do, and a lot more learning. The only Italian I speak is Ciao Bella(Hello or Goodbye beautiful), Prego (you’re welcome, can I help you), Come estai?(how are you), and Funghi (mushroom). I am home sick, but who can say they’ve had the chance to live in Italy for a few years? Not many people I know. Anyways its the learning experience of a life time and I’m ready to share my adventures!